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Why Your iPhone or iPad Is Saying “This Cable or Accessory Is Not Certified”

Posted by Adam Heelis on

Apple’s iPhones and iPads use its own Lightning connector for charging and data transmission. You can purchase third-party cables and accessories, but they must be certified. (MFi) If a cable or accessory wasn’t certified by Apple, you’ll see a warning message when you connect it. 

It must be understood that this message is generated from the cable itself and has nothing to do with the operation of the ALLDOCK charging HUB. Note also all cables for purchase on the ALLDOCK website are certified and of a high quality to carry the 2.4A of charging power.

Apple offers an “MFi Certification Program.” “MFi” stands for “Made for iPhone,” “Made for iPad,” and “Made for iPod.” Third-party accessories and cables that advertise they’re “MFi certified” have gone through Apple’s certification process to ensure they’re compatible with Apple’s hardware and well-made.

iPhones and iPads started enforcing this restriction when iOS 7 was introduced. There’s actually a little authentication chip inside Lightning cables and other accessories. This authentication chip communicates with your iPhone or iPad, which is how your device knows whether you’re using an Apple-approved cable or accessory, or one the manufacturer didn’t put through Apple’s certification program.

Uncertified cables could damage your iPhone or iPad, or the cable itself might easily fall apart. The Lightning connector might fall off, get very hot, or not fit your device properly. You might be unable to sync or charge your iPhone or iPad with the cable, too. That’s why the message warns “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone (or iPad)”.

Due to the reduced construction quality of Uncertified cables ( ie reduced sheath insulation) there is also an increased risk of Arc ignition of crossed/damaged wires. Ignition will often originate at cable head. (FYI below) 

Please consider with care your cable condition when installing into your ALLDOCK.


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