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We have designed the ALLDOCK so that you can charge all your devices in one place.
ALLDOCK which will enable you to elegantly charge your Samsung Gear S3 Watch at the same time as your other devices.
No more annoying cable clutter, no annoying sockets searches - simply connect your devices and let them charge.
The Gear S3 charger can be connected to any dock and mounted ontop, whether it be on of our HybridX or classic docks.
Our docks are a great asset to any bedroom, which allows you to charge you tablets, phones and wearables all in one place.
The S3 charger can easily be place ontop of our docks, getting rid of the cable clutter. 
*We do not sell the Samsung Gear S3 or it's charger, this page is made to emphasis our dock's compatibility with wearables.